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About Us


BLENDED TV shares stories from throughout the world featuring personal  experiences, conferences, forums, scientist discoveries, green technology engineers, and more on its channel, where topics  address green technology, the environment, natural disasters and clean energy solutions helping humanity and historical earth progressions and legends. The unique flavor and blend of multi-ethnic perspectives about various topics gives BLENDED TV its name and credence. Distribution of original programming is through PEG access TV, OTT, online TV, audio podcast and the BLENDED TV website.

The Journey now


From 2017 to 2013, a lot has changed ...


The network began its journey starting in 2017, originally just focusing on the state of California.  The platform and logo design was founded and created by award-winning journalist and news producer, Julia Dudley Najieb who still resides in California--hence the founding location.  Her initial goal was to give people of color a place to go to understand dense topics concerning clean energy, the environment, and green technology, originally for California residents. 

     In 2023, the channel and website were revamped to reflect a more global overview and a more robust focus on vetted and trusted climate change scientists and environmentalists, as well as investigating legitimate green technology that is not hurting the environment, but is enhancing humanity as a whole.  The importance of BLENDED Treiterating a global focus includes the worldwide-focus of climate changing everywhere, no matter the causes; therefore, humanity will have to find better ways to adapt as a collective, creating green technology that will suggest less wastefulness.

     BLENDED TV has now become that new way to reach diverse people online about climate change, life-changing technologies, and clean energy solutions from a multi-ethnic perspective.  Through its online TV channel, audio podcasts and TV shows on PEG access TV channels worldwide, BLENDED TV intends to teach and reach audiences in full transparency about technology and clean energy products that will help humanity evolve.

Original shows this year


Upcoming programming ...

     BLENDED TV recently launched this year new original, podcast and vodcast. “What’s Now & Yet to Come.”  The daily, 30-minute show reviews climate updates, natural disasters, and green technologies that are changing the world. 

     Host, Dudley Najieb reviews the latest worldwide climate concerns, as well as one-on-one interviews with the technological architects of the future.  She also performs live product reviews for the viewing audience, testing out new technology and products for the audiences.

     These shows will be available to PEG Access TV starting in June of 2023.

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