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Futuristic Vehicle



Be informed and join the monthly forum discussion concerning "The Black Experience of Being Human in The Creative Society."  Find out suggestions on how to create your own Coordination Center in your area.

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of "I'm IN"


Learn more about the science and dense topics produced by the Creative Society from Lennice and Julia's perspective.  Each episode breaks down difficult topics into layman's terms.  Better yet, be a guest expert!  COMING SOON

Submit your questions to us ...


Not sure about joining a forum, but wish to have some questions answered that are not already addressed in the show, "I'm IN"?  No problem!  Submit it here.

Create a coordination center ...


Let's talk about how to get a coordination center in your area started (no cost, of course.)  Reach out to us, and join us with others wanting to do the same!  COMING SOON

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