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Watch trailer of free, October 7, online climate change conference based on the United States

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


In this live broadcast, volunteers of the Creative Society project invite you and every American citizen to the “Global Crisis. America at the Crossroads 2024” conference.

The aim is to shed light on the truth, offering three distinct paths that lie ahead. No conspiracy theories, just rigorous research, and undeniable facts on the following topics listed below:

True Causes of Climate Change: Discover the real story behind climate change, unveiling the facts and figures that define our planet's fate in 2024 and beyond.

26 Years of Independent Research: Delve into a multidisciplinary exploration of climate change, including insights from other planets and the 12,000-year cycle of climate catastrophes. Unfiltered research that's driven by grassroots curiosity, not agendas.

Science in the Current Format: Will science save us or do grants hold greater value than human lives?

Consequences of Inaction: Understand the dire outcomes of ignoring crucial information.

Decision 2024: Grasp the fundamental significance of choice and actions of each individual right now and how our lives will be shaped by the natural climate processes we can't afford to ignore.

Climate apocalypse – the disaster is at our doorstep. What is the solution?


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