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European Inventor Award 2023: Meet the finalists who intend to change the world

Updated: Nov 28, 2023


People with a passion for discovery drive innovation. Without their inquisitive minds and desire for new ideas, there would be no inventive spirit and no progress: The European Inventor Award pays tribute to inventors worldwide. It celebrates those who transform their ideas into technological progress, economic growth or improvements to our daily lives. Launched in 2006, the Award gives inventors the recognition they deserve and, like any good competition, it acts as an incentive for others.

European Inventor Award winners receive striking trophies in the shape of a sail. As a lasting symbol of exploration and ingenuity, the sail shows how inventive ideas can propel humankind to uncharted shores. German industrial designer Miriam Irle conceived the original design and each year the trophy is crafted with new materials.

The European Inventor Award jury consists of inventors who are all former finalists. To judge proposals, the independent panel will draw on their wealth of technical, business, and intellectual property expertise. In 2023, Wolfgang M. Heckl is the jury chair.


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