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Green Technology: Watch this episode to see how building developers may have to pay more to retrofit

Updated: May 17, 2023

Green innovation in building materials gives more than hope to the future; it reminds us how real this technology already is or will be

In this second episode of “What’s Now & Yet to Come," show host Julia reviews the challenges building developers are having in the green space, especially with new laws recently passed which is forcing some into expensive retrofits ... Meanwhile, visionary architect designers re mastering the green space by holistically including humanity, expanding the vision into neighborhoods with community engagement.

Officials in many states, including Massachusetts and New York, are enacting new rules requiring developers and property owners to change or reduce the type or amount of energy used in their buildings, to incorporate certain construction materials and technology while excluding others, and to plan for rising seas and stormwater runoff, according to

Holly Samuelson, M.Des. '09, D.Des. '13, is an associate professor of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design who focuses on architectural technology and how issues related to building design impact human and environmental health. She spoke to the Gazette about how the field is responding to all the rapid changes.

Host, Dudley Najieb then showed an excerpt of documentary, Flexible Buildings: The Future of Architecture - Engineering Documentary: How can we ensure that the cities anonomyzing and isolating its inhabitants become places of encounter again? How can we use technology to create new spaces in areas where there is no space left? How can sustainable construction revolutionize the construction industry? - In the search for answers, the documentary presents current concepts and implementations from the core disciplines of architecture, development of building materials, and urban design.

Finally, Dudley Najieb showed an excerpt of a collection of interviews from innovators who attended the 2022 Fuuterbuild, which provides the stage for inspiring ideas, innovative solutions and knowledge sharing to drive sustainable construction and helping humaniy to reach the goal of net zero.


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